Qatar framed the surprise decision, which ended nearly six decades of membership in OPEC, as a move to focus the country’s resources on exports of liquefied natural gas.
The online petition repeatedly mentioned forced hugs and kisses, as well as hand stroking, massages and stroking employees’ legs under the table during meetings.
Superpedestrian — a Cambridge, Mass.-based micro-mobility company known for making electric bicycles — said its “industrial grade e-scooter" will hit city streets in 2019.

极速时时彩网站 The Soyuz spacecraft, carrying three astronauts, blasted off from Kazakhstan on Monday and later docked with the International Space Station.

A survey of the past 20 years reveals the actors in the worst-reviewed movies. A surprising number of Oscar winners are on the list.

True story: A Fed chair's height doesn't make their policy decisions any more or less effective.

Stolen passport numbers are among the most sensitive information that was stolen in the massive hack of the hotel giant.

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No, you don’t have to eat brown bananas and Ramen to follow FIRE to early retirement

Using tax credits to fight poverty avoids being seen as giving to the "undeserving poor.” But critics say too many people are left out.

The Trump-Xi deal has raised hopes of a truce, but the last two years have permanently altered the relationship between the two world powers.

U.S. financial markets are likely to welcome the news.

Funding for parts of the federal government is set to expire at midnight Dec. 7, but Congress is deadlocked over Trump’s demand for $5 billion for a border wall.

Unlike at past summits, where he was a disruptive force, U.S. president strives to stay on his good behavior as G-20 is overshadowed by news back home.

The lingerie company says plus-size and trans women don't fit its "fantasy," so I'm done.

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U.S. equities posted their largest weekly advance in seven years.

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Amazon's Web Services cloud computing unit is creating a new business called AWS Ground Station in partnership with Lockheed Martin.

“We wanted to do something provocative. We wanted to get Payless back into the cultural discourse,” said Doug Cameron, founder of a Brooklyn-based company that created the advertising prank for the discount shoe company.

I beat cancer. Should I bring it up with a recruiter?

Second City, the famed comedy troupe, has launched its own brand of workplace anti-harassment training.

Minimum wages are about two dollars an hour less, on average, than what state residents say they'd prefer.

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