New York and federal law enforcement officials displayed a poster Tuesday with a possible new clue in the blast that maimed a Fairfax, Va. man two years ago. (NYPD and ATF photo)

极速时时彩网站 A possible new clue was revealed Tuesday in an explosion in New York City that seriously injured a local man.

New York and federal officials displayed a poster seeking information about the blast in New York’s Central Park two years ago. The blast nearly blew off the foot of Connor Golden, a Fairfax, Va. man who was 18 at the time.

The poster displayed Tuesday showed a photo of a bag from a bakery that reportedly is now closed.

In a twitter message, a woman identifying herself as Carol Golden, the victim’s mother, said her son was maimed by a bomb that was in a bag like the one shown on the poster.

She said an ingredient of the explosive was TATP, which she said was used by terrorists worldwide.

Police had said two years ago that the explosive material was in a plastic bag that may hve been discarded.