Amid Tuesday’s heat, lightning ignited a fire in an apartment house in Gaithersburg, Md. (Montgomery County fire and rescue service)

极速时时彩网站 The day before the Fourth of July became Washington’s hottest of the current heat wave, and the hottest of 2018. With the heat came humidity, and also burst of rain in spots and pre-holiday, atmospheric fireworks caused damage in other spots.

At Reagan National Airport, the mercury reached 97 degrees on Tuesday. Previously the year’s hottest day in Washington was 95, reached on June 19 and again on Monday.

While the heat was enough to prompt discussions about the rigors of the day, some parts of the area recognized that they were under a cloud. Thunderstorms, relatively limited in extent, popped up in places.

At Dulles International Airport between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. one such storm shed its huge moisture burden in the form of rain. In that hour, the National Weather Service measured 0.85 inches.

In Montgomery County, lightning caused damage in several places, including an apartment house on Quince Orchard Boulevard in Gaithersburg. Fire broke out in an attic, utilities were partially shut off, and several people were displaced, according to county fire and rescue spokesman Pete Piringer.